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“People with ADHD often have a special feel for life, a way of seeing right into the heart of matters, while others have to reason their way methodically.” ~ Dr. Edward M. Hallowell


ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition characterised by a persistent pattern of 1) inattention (e.g. poor focus, organisation, forgetfulness, not finishing activities) and/or; 2) hyperactive/impulsive behaviours (e.g. fidgeting, inability to sit still, interrupting others, blurting out things). The symptoms must be present before age 12, present in two or more settings, and significantly interfere with day-to-day functioning (DSM-5). Other common symptoms include emotional dysregulation, time-blindness, rejection sensitivity and low frustration tolerance. Common strengths include high energy, creativity, ability to hyper-focus on interests, and think outside the box. 

Individuals with ADHD can often have differences between their intellectual ability compared to their attention and executive function processes. Therefore neuropsychological assessment is very useful for not only diagnosing ADHD, but also providing a cognitive profile of specific personal strengths and weaknesses to tailor intervention and strategies. 


Cara offers ADHD assessments for adults and children over 6 years old. Please obtain a referral from your GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist, prior to booking in your appointments. We understand that specialists now have a very long wait-times so we can be seen prior to your specialist appointment if you have a GP referral. 

A comprehensive ADHD assessment consists of multiple appointments and components including:

  1. Initial consult (1 hour) - here we will take a detailed history, discuss your current concerns, complete a screening questionnaire, and book in your assessment appointment(s).

  2. A comprehensive cognitive assessment including evaluation of IQ, various aspects of attention (e.g. selective, sustained, dual, auditory, visual), processing speed, executive function, learning, memory and academic functioning (if there is potential specific learning disorder comorbidities). The assessment takes 3-4 hours and can be split into multiple sessions if needed (recommended for children).

  3. We also gather collateral information from parents, teachers, and other health professionals.

  4. The comprehensive report will be written following your assessment (minimum 4 hours work depending on referral question and complexity) and provided to the referrer and client approximately 4 weeks post-assessment.

  5. We also recommend clients attend a feedback session (1 hour) to discuss the results and recommendations detailed in the report.

Please contact us if you have any questions and see FAQs for pricing structure.​ Please note that Cara is not a medical doctor so cannot prescribe medication. ADHD medication can only be prescribed by a psychiatrist or paediatrician.  

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