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"The greatest weapon against stress is to choose one thought over another." ~ William James

***UPDATE** Cara's books for new ongoing therapy clients are closed until further notice**


Much of our day-to-day suffering arises from our minds. That is why we must learn and develop skills and strategies to gain mastery over our mental processes to enhance well-being and change our brains. Dr Cara Wong, PhD uses a wholistic, eclectic, evidence-based framework in her therapy practice including counselling, cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), mindfulness, health coaching,  biofeedback (HeartMath) and neuropsychoeducation (i.e. education about the link between neurobiology/neuroplasticity and mental health). She can assist you to learn and develop coping skills to build resilience, improve self-awareness, reduce stress, change negative and destructive thinking patterns and behaviour, and take better care of your brain. 


Cara has a warm and practical approach to her therapy. She typically works with adults with cognitive problems (e.g. poor memory, attention, ‘brain fog’), anxiety, low mood, stress, chronic illness, and recovery from brain injury; and children/adolescents with anxiety and emotion regulation problems. Cara has a special interest providing cognitive and psychological intervention for adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), child/adult anxiety, and neurological disorders.


Please note Cara is a clinical neuropsychologist and not a clinical psychologist, so clients with more severe and complex mental health conditions will be referred on (including [but not limited to] complex PTSD, eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, schizophrenia, dissociative disorders, acute suicidal/self-harming clients).

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